Retail is detail.

Made-to-measure market plans that locate your shoppers.
Helping your multi-unit retail brand find store locations that attract your target customers is just part of what makes Sitewise Analytics a great market planning SaaS partner.

The landscape

Omnichannel retail changed everything.

First it was online vs. in-store. Shopping malls were in trouble. Then a worldwide pandemic put physical retail on hold. 

Today, digital direct-to-consumer brands open brick-and-mortar experiences while traditional brands embrace online sales.

This everchanging landscape makes it critical to understand consumer behaviour, competitor trends, and your brand’s retail market share to ensure wise location strategies. Sitewise is here to help.

The benefits

Why should retail brands partner with Sitewise Analytics?

Because we craft retail location intelligence solutions with software that is surprisingly simple, relentlessly supported, and it works amazingly well. 

Mapping out your data-driven real estate road map isn’t easy, but it’s what we do best – all that’s left for you to do is get out there and grow your markets!

Let’s talk about…

Surprisingly simple tech

User-friendly real estate software meets actionable retail market plans.

Our mapping platform and mobile app are built to tag team the unique location strategy challenges that multi-unit retail brands face every day. Upload real-world data, identify trade areas, run reports, and update simultaneously from anywhere.

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Retail expertise

Retail site selection software and analytics from collaborators that care. We nerd out on the retail real estate strategies, technology, data, solutions, and analytics you use to build market plans. Our teams are passionate about your brand growth, and they bring the hands-on experience to make it happen. Learn More

Seamless integrations

Data integrations are not a special project for us – it’s what we do. Sitewise is an open-ended technology that doesn’t put limits on data formats or software integrations. We bring all your retail store data, critical lease dates, financials, franchisee and customer data into one place and automate updates to any platform you use. Learn More

Damn good data

Partner with the best retail shopping center, demographic, lifestyle, and competition data providers.  We’re agnostic about data providers – we just care about building long-lasting partnerships with the best in the datasphere. That’s why we do our homework on data sources, validation techniques, update frequencies and more. Learn More

Relentless support

From day one, we listen to you and build what you need for today and tomorrow.  Just like our platform, our support is designed to evolve as you grow your retail brand. We do all the regular planning, onboarding, training and support, and we’re here to help you with the special projects that grow your brand every day. Learn More

The solutions

Level up your retail site selection and market planning game.

Get a leg up on the competition with data-driven retail real estate roadmap from Sitewise. Our team of site selection and modeling pros tackle the unique challenges that multi-unit retail brands face every day.

Learn more about the practical, adaptable solutions we build that help you respond with agility to the fluctuations in the competitive retail market.

Predictive Analytics

Thoughtful and explainable models that support strategic real estate road maps.

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Whitespace Analysis

Ongoing market capacity analysis that boosts net new sales while keeping cannibalization at bay.

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Site Evaluation

Data-driven real estate insights that help you choose the right locations every time.

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Franchise Territory Management

Winning franchise territory and location strategies that boost confidence in your market strategy and brand.

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The possibilities

What’s on your retail location shopping list?

Cross off every item on your list with Sitewise.

We offer features that make it easier than ever to find your target markets and know them better so you can get out there and dominate them.

Cunning competitor intelligence

Get the play-by-play on your competitors’ market strategy.

Sitewise helps you track how the other guys (and their customers) behave. Our retail competitor analysis helps you see the gaps, anticipate their market moves, and make moves of your own market to outpace the competition.

Distinct consumer profiles

We turn your data sources into retail customer profiles as unique as your brand.

Our team helps you differentiate between shoppers in different urbanicities and online vs. brick-and-mortar consumers with details on what they’re like, how they behave, where to find them and what brands they love (besides yours, of course!)

Spot on trade areas

Drive times and distance rings just don’t cut it for your retail trade areas.

Sitewise works with your teams to create and edit trade areas that are true to the real world and your brand strategy. Now you can adjust gameplans for different markets in a way that makes sense for your brand.

Flexible reporting

Get accurate, up-to-date, and really, really ridiculously good-looking reports.

Collaborate with our team to design the reports you use every day. Sitewise helps you run site packages, sales forecasts, franchise territory, batch reports, and more – faster. We make it easy for administrators to edit report formats too.

The brands

One flavor won’t satisfy everyone when it comes to restaurant location strategy.

Emerging brands and international giants alike need actionable insights based on thoughtful analytics. We’re here to help anyone who wants to achieve sustainable, strategic growth.

Emerging brands

Established brands

The latest

What's new

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