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View your sites, competitors, potential sites and more, all from your cell phone or tablet with Sitewise Mobile.
Game changers in site selection and market planning software.

The Tech

Map out your brand’s next market moves.

Meet Sitewise.

We build mapping and analytics software solutions that help multi-unit brands grow. Our user-obsessed team configures the platform to your specifications from automated data and process integrations to custom reporting, models, and maps.

The best part? Sitewise is flexible enough to grow with your brand. That means you can pick and choose how the platform works for you today and tomorrow.

From API data integrations to custom reports – Sitewise has it all.

Flexible software

Our web-based software is so flexible we can custom-build it for your brand needs, so you can move faster with adaptive tools, powerful analytics and custom reports.
It’s powerful too – it can house all your data, analytics, processes, pipelines and reports for market planning, franchise management and more.

Seamless Integrations

We’re open-minded about the data, software, and processes you want to integrate with Sitewise.
You shouldn’t have to wait for current and fresh data in the platform, no matter where your data comes from. Consistent and timely data updates are not a special project for Sitewise – that’s just what we do.

Intuitive experience

Sitewise is a gamechanger because it’s user-friendly and it works. You get a smooth user experience. We equip your teams with the resources they need to become active users of the platform every day. That means they’re more efficient, gaining valuable insights faster which helps with work-life balance.

Support on standby

If something doesn’t work for you, we’ll find a way to make it better.
From onboarding to everyday use, we listen to your needs and deliver solutions to fulfil them. Our Client Services team is there via in-app chat to help when you need it. Your dedicated Client Solutions Manager supports your long-term strategies and the software you use to help your brand grow.

Solutions for all

Whether you’re an emerging brand with a big dream or an established major player looking to optimize your portfolio – Sitewise can help.
Our platform is a shared ecosystem to house and comingle your data, systems, and reports. It removes clicks, barriers and time sucks in your decision pipeline. Make quick work of your location strategy whether you’re just starting out or you’re dominating markets.

Sitewise Mobile

Actionable insights at your fingertips whether you’re at the office or out on site.
Our mobile app makes market planning easy to do from your phone or tablet. It gives you the power to plan and navigate site tours, access data, run reports and share real-world insights while you’re out of the office. Road test your strategic real estate roadmap with portable, data-driven insights.

The Users

We serve forward-thinking market planners at multi-unit brands.

Our specialty lies in working with brands in the restaurant, retail healthcare, education and service industries.

Our users are professionals who value data science and analytics to validate gut instincts. From analysts to C-suite executives, Sitewise helps you level-up your market strategy game with actionable insights.



Real estate roadmaps are on the menu for every kind of restaurant brand from quick service to fine dining.

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Actionable, data-driven insights on shopper and competitor behaviour for any brand.

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A healthy approach to everything from clinic location to marketing for healthcare brands that help humans and their furry friends.

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Learn key insights on things like enrolments and returns per learning center to inform your education brand’s market strategy.

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Serve up what your customer base wants where they want it with better strategies for sites and franchisees.

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The Possibilities

We build solutions that work for you

With a team of site selection and modeling gurus, Sitewise Analytics helps you tackle the unique challenges of multi-unit businesses. Our solutions are practical and adaptable to user needs and market changes.

We listen to your needs and offer solutions that take complex processes from 12 steps to 2. The data is structured, and you can work with it yourself. The reports are lightning quick, good-looking, and explainable.

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Predictive Analytics

Site Evaluation

Market Strategy

Territory Management

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