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You should get what you pay for with your
location mapping software.

Not something that over-promises and under-delivers. Sitewise gives you the capability and functionality you need with an adaptable platform that works for every phase of your business.

Sitewise supports your entire business.

From a better understanding of your customers to operational support that will blow your mind

Understand your Customers
Site Evaluations
Franchise Management
Understand your Customers

Data-driven Solutions

Leverage the power of Sitewise to find more of your target consumers. We profile your customers with psychographic and social media information and use data from every channel you have to deliver insights for better market planning. Not only can you visualize the performance of all your channels, but you can also identify key market areas and geographical locations worth marketing to.

Software features to better understand your customers

  • Customer Profiling
  • Map your Customers and Trade Areas
  • Time-Series Analysis
  • Visualize the performance or all your channels.
  • Understand the impact Brick and Mortar on your E-commerce and asses locations
    beyond 4-wall sales.
  • Custom reports for local marketing to identify key areas to focus on.
  • Utilize your customer profile to identify high potential areas to send direct mail outs
  • Assess the performance of marketing strategies with time series analysis within
    specified geographic areas.

Site Evaluations

Find the best sites

Sitewise combines innovative software with precision data to help you evaluate, analyze and track each site you select. We completely customize our mapping toolset to your business, and help you can build your selection criteria as you need it, adding functionality and data sources for any stage of your business.

Site evaluations made simple.

  • Run site packages from your desktop or on your phone in the field
  • Quickly run analyses
  • Plan your market tours
  • Edit site specific information from the field using Sitewise Mobile
  • Custom reports for local marketing to identify key areas to focus on
  • Run advanced sales forecasts. scorecards and analog models on your sites from anywhere

Franchise Management

Scale up and out faster than ever

Sitewise helps manage all you Store Development Agreements (SDAs) while defining clear territories. We support you today by helping you keep each of your commitments, and tomorrow by understanding your growth strategy and identifying new franchise opportunities.

Franchise management and growth, right at your fingertips

  • Map and manage your protected franchise territories.
  • Quickly run analysis to see demographic, traffic, social media, and mobility trends for your sites.
  • Plan your market tours.
  • Setup an optimized route and have your site attributes on-hand when you are out on site tours.
  • Edit site specific information from the field using Sitewise Mobile.

Relentless support and customer attention.

Our corporate culture revolves around making sure you get the most out of Sitewise. We take the time to listen and understand your growth strategy and goals, so we can customize the solution to fit your needs. . Our team thrives on sharing best practices and collaborating as your business grows with the software.

Sitewise: intuative,
cloud-based software.

Because the technical details count.

Better productivity
and Support

Connect and comingle information from multiple sources into a single, 24/7 accessible tool. Your users can visualize key metrics based on criteria you define. Move with greater efficiency and confidence.

Unprecedented Customization & Automation

Sitewise is a highly configurable tool designed to fit your specific mapping, franchising, reporting, and real estate development processes. We tailor report content, scenario analysis and process automation to your users, so we can bring them better and more efficient information.

Painless Implementation
& Data Management Integration

We know how difficult it can be to migrate from one software application to another. We work hard to make it a painless process for you. Our implementations take about two weeks, and it’s designed to need very little training and onboarding, so your users can get started quickly once it’s onboarded.

Why partner with a company that won’t support you once the contract is signed?

  • Sitewise is continually improving our toolset for each customer
  • Our relentless support guarantees user support questions are addressed swiftly.
  • Our tool is so configurable, your company will never grow out of it
  • Implementation and onboarding is designed to be simple for you. Let us handle the details.

Ready to start dominating the market?

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