The devil's in the details.

Without good data, you can't make great decisions.

Data, the fuel that drives our software.

We often overlook data quality and instead look to software features and usability. Those are important, but without great fuel to power our machine, we can’t trust the output.

Great business partnerships for us means unparalleled insights for you.

We believe that the best location mapping software needs to invest time building great relationships with the companies that supply the data. Sitewise spends vast amounts of resources on validating and verifying the accuracy of our data partners. Every decision you make using Sitewise’s solution comes from multiple data sets you can trust.

Sitewise Data Partners



Accurate population demographics and spending data is a foundational piece of any market planning solution. Sitewise partners with only the best demographics providers to offer the data that meets your needs.



Household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation data allows you to determine the behaviour, attitudes and preferences of your best customers. Create a profile or ‘fingerprint’ of your customers, and use Sitewise to find locations with access to more of your target customer.



INRIX: Understanding the traffic volume and patterns around a location can be a key indicator of success. INRIX provides accurate and recent dayparted directional vehicle count traffic data for informed decision making.

Kalibrate: TrafficMetrix® by Kalibrate is is the single source for consistent and readily available global traffic count intelligence. TrafficMetrix is the most complete commercially available traffic count database of annual daily traffic counts.


Competition, Cotenant and Business Data

Accurate and up-to-date data on your competition and co-tenants is crucial to making informed decisions. Our partners offer curated retail and restaurant locational data for over 5,000 chains. 


Mobile Data

Mobile Insights allows you to dive into the patterns of visits to businesses across the US and Canada. Quickly gain insight into footfall traffic for your competitors, your own locations, and co-tenants near your prospect sites.


Shopping Center Data

Shopping Center data locations in the United States and Canada provides detailed information such as gross lease area size, parking counts, food court size and anchor store names. These regularly updated databases helps you creatively plan your market growth.


Geosocial Data

Social media has become a ubiquitous aspect of our modern connected society, with billions of posts, tweets, and stories posted by users around the world every day. All of these posts represent an ocean of data, but that ocean has long been considered unwieldy due to the sheer volume and rawness of the data. Our partner is changing all of that, transforming, through categorization, this vast resource into actionable insights.



Specialized healthcare data such as physicians, dentists

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