We Moved to a New Office in Dallas, Texas!

We moved to a new office in Dallas, Texas!

We’re so excited to share that we recently moved the Sitewise Analytics Dallas, Texas office to better meet the needs of our growing Predictive Analytics team.

Our Dallas team relocated to the new Frisco Square office to get more space and a better location. They love the new hood and its great restaurants, shopping, local culture, sports and more!

Sitewise leader check out the new office in Dallas, Texas's Frisco Square. From left: Sitewise President & CEO Michael Simon, Director of Predictive Analytics Debbie Cunningham, CTO Alfred Jim.

From left: President & CEO Michael Simon, Director of Predictive Analytics Debbie Cunningham, CTO Alfred Jim.

So, what inspired our new office in Dallas?

Our Predictive Analytics experts have been busy working away on sales forecast models for clients old and new for the past few years.

As our client pool for this service grew, so did our team. Many of them happen to live in the Dallas area. They needed a great new place to collaborate and grow together, which meant we needed a bigger footprint.

We asked our team how the new Dallas office will impact operations, and here’s what they had to say:

“Our new office in Frisco Square is a beautiful, centralized location in the North Texas area that will serve as a hub for collaboration amongst the Sitewise Predictive Analytics team, provide training space to our growing team, and create an additional venue to meet in-person with clients. We’re looking forward to being in this hotspot for growth in Texas, a perfect place for our fast-growing company searching for top-tier talent, in addition to offering amazing dining, shopping and entertainment within a walkable distance from the office.”

Debbie Cunningham –  Director of Predictive Analytics

What’s next for Team Sitewise?

The new Dallas office is the first of many important changes for Sitewise Analytics in 2023.

It gives us a new US home base to host and serve our growing base of clients looking to build a better strategic real estate roadmap, optimize markets and conduct whitespace analysis.

We’re also starting to get the word out more this year, with more social media and website changes coming soon!

We can’t wait to show you more, so keep your eyes peeled on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sitewise Analytics team having a ball in Dallas, Texas

About Sitewise Analytics

We’re gamechangers in site selection and market planning.

Our mission is to elevate site selection and market planning for multi-unit brands. We do this using sophisticated solutions delivered through surprisingly simple software.


Meet Team Sitewise at ICSC Las Vegas 2023

Going to ICSC Las Vegas 2023?

Meet the Sitewise Analytics team to discuss your brand’s strategic real estate roadmap!

Our team can’t wait to talk multi-unit brand real estate growth with you at ICSC Las Vegas 2023!

Get in touch with us to book your meeting from May 22-23 at Booth 5348S in the South Hall Upper.

We’ll talk about what you need for your strategic real estate roadmap, including:

  • Market planning
  • Site selection
  • Predictive modeling
  • Whitespace analysis
  • Sales forecasting
  • Competitor tracking
  • Customer profiling
  • Franchise territory planning
  • and more

See you there!

Events News

Sitewise at Subway 2023 North America Multi-Unit Operator Development Conference

Sitewise at Subway 2023 North America Multi-Unit Operator Development Conference

Last month, Sitewise Analytics hit the road to meet up with and speak to the multi-unit operators of Subways across North America.

Over the course of three days in sunny Hollywood, Florida, Subway leadership shared their vision for growth with a crowd of over 400 franchisees, vendors, and service providers. At the end of the conference, all the multi-unit franchise operators walked away with confidence in the tools, connections and strategies Subway has pulled together to help them grow their portfolios, select store locations, maximize revenues, and more.

“A Better Way to Grow Your Subway Portfolio” Panel

Sitewise was so honored to be featured as Subway’s market planning software provider during the conference. Our very own Stephane Bowen – Director of Client Services– was even given the opportunity to speak as a panelist at the Day 2 session, “A Better Way to Grow Your Subway Portfolio”.

Stephane appeared alongside Subway’s Vice President of Franchise Sales & Development, Nelson Faerber, and Rohit Marhawa, Managing Partner at Marhawa Group and Subway Development Agent, Regional Manager, and multi-unit owner.

This panel took a closer look at the investment Subway made in Sitewise as their market planning tool for Subway restaurant site selection, sales forecasting, sales impact analysis, and more. Discussions ranged from how Subway is using Sitewise on a broader scale, to real-world case studies, to how individual franchisees can leverage our platform to gain confidence in their store location strategy in their regions across the United States and Canada.

After the main presentation, the panel fielded questions from the audience of multi-unit operators. To us, this was a great opportunity to demonstrate how Sitewise is a user-friendly and platform for Subway and their franchisees, while educating the audience on how our Predictive Analytics team built the modeling system and how to apply the findings of the model.

Predictive Analytics

After the Sitewise @ Subway Panel

Stephane got the chance to mix and mingle with Subway leadership and the franchisees and answer questions one-on-one directly after the panel as well as at the post-event cocktail party. The feedback was phenomenal! Everyone was very excited to get to work using Sitewise to enhance their market planning capabilities across North America.

When asked what his favorite part of the event was, Stephane noted,

“I enjoyed presenting to and engaging with the Subway franchisee audience. Hearing their feedback, great questions, and excitement about Sitewise and our tools was rewarding. Everyone seemed like they really cared about this new investment for Subway, and it was important to them. Also, the beach is great!”

Stephane Bowen | Sitewise Director of Client Services


We can’t wait to see how Subway and their franchisees will use Sitewise in the years to come to build a better Subway with the Eat Fresh Refresh in their traditional, non-traditional, inline and drive-thru formats!

Want to learn how to grow your brand the wise way?

Sitewise Analytics is a mapping and analytics SaaS solution that helps you build your brand’s strategic real estate roadmap. We partner with multi-unit brands to elevate their site selection and market planning game.

Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Talk to us


Sitewise is Going to Vegas! (ICSC 2022)

Going to ICSC 2022 Las Vegas this May 22-24?

Us too!

Our team will be at Booth 7616 in the South Hall.

We can’t wait to hear about your brand growth and discuss how we can collaborate on your strategic real estate road map.

Together, we can build that road map from site selection through operations and beyond with analytics and reporting tools like…

  • Predictive modeling & sales forecasting
  • Whitespace analysis
  • Competitor tracking
  • Customer profiling
  • Franchise territory planning
  • and more!

Let’s Talk

Meet us at ICSC 2022 Las Vegas to discuss your brand’s plan for strategic growth BOOK TODAY

Meet the Sitewise Team at ICSC 2021

Anticipation for ICSC, Here We Go. 2021 is high. We look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas December 5th to 7th.

We can’t wait to hear about your strategic needs and have a conversation that will set us down a collaborative path of identifying your Real Estate Road Map.

If these are solutions or tools you need today, let’s schedule some time to meet. We can learn about your growth plans, how they may have shifted over the last 18 months and discuss how Sitewise can help make a positive impact on your business.

We will be located at booth 7770 in the West Hall.

Schedule a Meeting


COVID-19 Resources

Our Sitewise Solutions team has been busy working to provide you with essential datasets and services to support your organization in dealing with the current global pandemic. It’s difficult to understand how each market and industry is responding and will eventually recover. We’ve created a comprehensive COVID report which combines the latest datasets from our data partners.

Resources Solutions

Geosocial Data

Sitewise Analytics, a leader in the real estate and market analytics industry, and today announce a new partnership integrating Geosocial data into Sitewise’s Solutions. Sitewise clients in the United States and Canada will now have access to a state-of-the-art, location-based social media dataset to support market research and location analytics. With access to social media behaviors of consumers nationwide, analysts can now layer traditional consumer data like demographics and psychographics with real-time, self-contributed lifestyle segmentation.

Communities, like people, are unique and cannot be accurately defined by a single demographic or psychographic characterization.’s geosocial dataset allows decision makers to better understand each community’s multifaceted interests. Are the people in my area of study interested in wellness? Are they also craft brew lovers who have a penchant for traveling? How does the block group rank nationally for nightlife, artistic behavior, outdoors activities? 72 interest categories are featured in the platform and include segments such as Bookish, Dog Lovers, Girl Squad, Hops & Brews, Trendy Eats, and Yoga Advocates.

Sitewise users will be able to use Geosocial to:

● Scientifically select new sites that align with community interests

● Reduce error in sales forecasting models

● Identify key customer segments that drive success for a brand

● Uncover additional markets where key customers are located


Streamline Your Data

Connect your data to Sitewise, no matter where it is!

Similar to other aspects of Sitewise, your account can be configured to make your lives easier and streamline update processes. If updating your data is a time consuming and cumbersome process, we’re here to help! Here are some methods we can use to keep your data up to date: 

1. Automated Data Feeds
Our developers have built Sitewise with data automation in mind. We create automated data connections daily and they’re often included within your Sitewise Support and Services plan. Some of the external systems we’ve hooked up to already, but are certainly not limited to, are Lucernex, IBM Tririga, Sitefolio, Expesite, QuickBase, Oracle, SmartSheet, Google BigQuery, SalesForce, Microsoft Azure, ABC Marketing & other Enterprise Data Warehouses.

Generally, if your external database has the ability to send files via SFTP or has an API connection, we can almost always make it work with Sitewise. 

2. Drag n’ Drop Updates
Maybe your data isn’t contained within a structured database but instead managed within a flat file like Excel. We can create user-friendly “Drag n’ Drop” processes for you to upload a file into your Sitewise Portal. From there, sit back and relax as Sitewise does the heavy lifting to update any number of files based off the single upload.  

3. Direct replace with our new and improved Layer Import Engine
The new Layer Import Module makes it easy to replace simple files on your own without needing to rely on our Client Solutions team. This method should only be used for data tables that do not have documents attached to locations and are not connected to other update processes listed above. If you missed the details in our last newsletter, contact us to learn more! 

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